Kindergarten – the week of randomness

With MLK day on Monday and my husband being off work, my whole week was thrown off.  I completely forgot to print out the usual You Can Read and Raising Rock Stars stuff Sunday night, and again Monday night, AND Tuesday night.  By the time Wednesday rolled around I realized I might as well just wait until next week!  So instead we had a lot of fun with math and reading, and just some random learning.

For MLK day we didn’t really do school.  I let the boys hang out with their father and we took it easy.  I did have a few books to read to them though.  We’ve been working on a money lapbook and Baloo was very interested in Lincoln.  We actually read a short biography about Lincoln (the only thing Baloo remembers is how he died though!) and talked about the Lincoln Memorial.  Baloo was thrilled to see the Lincoln Memorial was where MLK made his “I Have A Dream” speech!

So we talked about MLK, abolishing slavery, and most importantly, about how all people are different, but we’re all equal.  I saw this craft idea on and just thought it was so perfect.  It’s hard to tell, but Baloo’s people all have random eye color, hair color, and skin color.  Except for the last one.  Baloo insisted that the blue girl from X-Men be represented too.  I guess we are all the same on the inside – red, yellow, black, white…and blue.

We started working on addition in the Math-U-See workbooks.  We started out by noticing that a 6 unit piece and a 1 unit piece were the same length as a 7 unit piece. 

Then we working on solving some problems.  I would have Baloo match up the first 2 unit bars (the ones we were adding together) and then count them all and locate the last unit bar.  I’m not sure that the concept is really tangible to him yet so I’m planning a few activities next week using trains, cars, apples, and the like.

Plus, it’s not so easy to concentrate when you’re baby brother is attacking you with a sword!


I decided to be brave and let the boys make their own cupcakes.  I wrote down the ingredients and monitored them.  I had to help with the measuring a bit, because Baloo doesn’t know the difference between a teaspoon, tablespoon, or a cup.  But they did all the measuring, the mixing, the pouring, etc. 
We used this cupcake recipe, which makes just 2 or 3 cupcakes!  The perfect amount to make all the time.  And they turned out really good!  We didn’t put icing on them, but I think that would have made them the best cupcakes ever.

Baloo was very happy! 

I tried to use it as an opportunity to talk about fractions, but we didn’t have a chance to get into it much.  The recipes calls for 1/4 cup flour so I was trying to show him that 4 of those is the same as 1 cup.

I don’t take pictures during our reading time because I don’t want to distract Baloo.  We are steadily working through the All About Reading Level 1.  I won’t say that he enjoys it, but he really doesn’t mind the activities.  He is picking up on the material quite quickly!  We’re on lesson 10 now!  He loves that he can read the stories in the books all by himself.  I probably won’t do a more official review until we are further along, but so far I am very happy with this purchase!

That’s it for our laid back and uneventful week!


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    The picture of baby brother with a sword is PRICELESS! That is awesome. Thank you for a link to the cupcake recipe. Who needs 24 cupcakes unless it’s for a party? This will come in handy for those special days my kids deserve a little treat. Thank you!

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    I think it’s ok to have a off week now and again. It make for some extra fun activities.

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