String Painting

Since the Virtual Book Club chose Kevin Henkes as the author of the month we started exploring as many of his books as we could.  And come to find out he is now one of my favorite children’s authors!  I have loved every book we’ve found so far, and the boys love them too!

The latest one we got our hands on was Birds! and it is my favorite so far.  I love when all the birds fly up out of the tree at once like they’re saying surprise.  I was literally laughing out loud.

We decided to use string art to create the scene where Henkes ponders what would happen if birds left trails when they flew in the sky.

I made some beautiful egg tempera paint (as see on TinkerLab).  This paint is so easy to make and turns out so lovely – we will definitely be using this recipe again!
I had Royal dip some string into the paint and squiggle it around on the paper.  He ended up using 4 different colors.

And this is what we think it would look like if birds left trails when they flew in the sky! IMG_7837

Of course we had to do some string pull art too.  I had Royal use the same strings since there was paint left over and then fold the paper in half and pull the strings out

The effect is so cool!

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