Tot School and Preschool Weekly Round-Up

Logi-Bear 23 months
Royal – 3 years 11 months

We’ve had a pretty busy few weeks.  We’re really getting into All About Reading Pre-Reading with Royal.  He loves singing the alphabet song and pointing at the letters.  We often end up doing it multiple times a day!  That’s the only formal curriculum we have, and we’re doing it at his leisure.  He’s really taking to the program though!

I haven’t posted a weekly round-up in a few weeks, so this encompasses our B and C week!

Royal found a bag of shells and wanted to check them out, so we carefully dumped them out into a tub.  He investigated them for quite awhile!  He was comparing them, feeling the soft versus bumpy ones, and testing how fragile they are.

Logi-Bear found our measuring tape and went around “measuring” things for awhile.  This one only comes out to about 5 inches, but I’ve ‘donated’ one of my extra sewing tapes to the boys.  It’s available to them 24/7 so they can measure whatever they want!

We made a bouquet of button flowers.  This was some great fine-motor practice!

First, you string the buttons onto the pipe cleaner.

Then you twist and twist and twist!IMG_0232

Royal liked making large flowers!

We ended up with quite a large bouquet!!  It’s currently sitting in the middle of our table!IMG_0240


We had a small egg hunt.  I put letters A-C, plus a few extras that Royal already knows, into some eggs.  I put an uppercase in one egg, and a lowercase in another egg.

Then we played a matching game!  Royal was so excited to see his favorite letters in the eggs!


Royal ‘caught’ me baking with Baloo and I promised him that the two of us would bake together.  We’ve never baked together before so I wanted to make something easy.  I picked up a cookie mix at the store that required just 2 extra ingredients.  Royal was able to help measure the butter and crack the egg.  He also poured the mix in and stirred!

I showed him how to drop teaspoon size buts on the cookie sheet and he did really well with it!!


Royal has been very interested in cutting lately.  I got our our collection of fun scissors for him to try out. 

He decided to use different scissors for each line!


We did the ‘color by size’ sheet from my Zoomin Moving ABCs.  Then I cut the buses out and we sorted them by size.

I’m trying to build out letter wall, so I encourage Royal to do at least one letter activity every week.  This week we painted the B…

And added the buses!

He wasn’t so interested in doing the B sheet from All About Reading so we put it in a sheet protector and used it as a playdough mat instead.  First he smushed the B.

Then he used a straw to poke holes in the B


Logi-Bear was having fun with the play-dough and straws!


We’ve had a few fun weeks!!  It’s so nice to be getting back into a tot school/preschool routine. 

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    Coming over from Tot School at 1+1+1… Some great activities! I’m really inspired by the button bouquets – we’ll be doing something like that for sure when we do B. We’ve just done T, but we’re going out of order. I have girls. Is I had boys, I’d be using your Zoomin’ Movin’ alphabet every week. I’m downloading them as you put them out any way. I liked your idea of using both ‘c’ sounds (crane and cementtruck). Are you still toying with this idea? Would be great if you could make it fit for G too.

  2. x

    I really like the Button Bouquets, too, the smooshed B and the photos of little hands hard at work! 🙂 
    {Visiting from 1+1+1=1!}


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