10 Reasons to Let Your Homeschooler Sleep In

We’ve probably all heard the argument that kids need a solid routine of waking up at a certain time to prepare them for the future.

But I say that’s bunk.

child asleep with clock

First, I don’t think waking up every morning during your childhood sets you up for being better at it as an adult.
How many adults do you know that hate waking up to an alarm?
I’d bet almost all of them had to be up at a certain time throughout most of their childhood.

Second, I don’t think not waking up at a certain time makes it more difficult as an adult.

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There are many habits we can teach that would help our kids become better adults that don’t require us to stick to a strict schedule.

We can teach them to listen to their bodies and make sure they are getting adequate rest.

We can teach them how to say no when they really need to and not fill their plate more than necessary.

And we can teach them that they can work  night shift if alarms are too hard (just kidding on that one…maybe)

So here are my 10 reasons why you should let your homeschooler sleep in

  1. You can sleep in too. If you let your homeschooled kids sleep in, you might be able to grab a few extra zzz’s yourself. This is #1 for a reason
  2. They have their whole lives to be awake early. After your kids grow up and get jobs, they have their whole life to be on a schedule that gets them up at dawn. Let them sleep in while they can.
  3. For teens, sleeping later is the most healthy way. Everyone has their own circadian rhythm but there is an average. For teens, it’s natural for their rhythm to be later. Bedtime later and waking later.
  4. Quiet time in the morning. If you are a morning person, letting your kids sleep in may mean you get some quiet time. (If you’re an evening person like me, just skip this one)
  5. They’ll be happier. Seriously, who likes to be woken up? Let them sleep – they’ll be happier.
  6. You’ll be happier. Cranky kids – Where is the fun in that? You will be much happier letting them wake up when their bodies say the time is right.
  7. Alarms are awful. That noise is just so awful. I do my best to avoid ever having to use an alarm or even let someone else. I would rather just wake them up. As a teen, I had a stereo with an alarm that would wake me up to music. That was somewhat better. But if I can avoid having alarms in my house, I absolutely will make that choice.Sl
  8. eep is awesome. Sleeping is one of the best feelings in the world. Why not let them enjoy that as much as possible?
  9. Make sleep a priority. Too many adults these days are not getting enough sleep. We never learned to make sleep a priority in our lives. So we stay up late and wake up early. Teach your kids from a young age that sleep is a priority.
  10. Because you can. My original answer was ‘why not?’ I see no benefits in making them get up early so why not let them sleep? 

Now I’ll admit, my kids don’t sleep in. Baloo has always been my early riser and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. But as he approaches teenagehood, I assume it might change.

I was always the night owl and having morning kids has not been easy. 

As a kid, I would easily sleep in until 10. As a teen, even later. 

I could still sleep in pretty late given the opportunity. And sometimes I do! I love sleep and I much prefer sleeping in to going to bed early.

Our kids will be fine even if they don’t practice waking up to an alarm every single day of their childhood. 

Other skills that are vastly more important than practicing alarm waking:

  • Perseverance
  • Respectfulness
  • Dependability
  • Self-discipline

Besides, with the way our world is moving, there are plenty of jobs that don’t involve waking up for a 9-5. Work at home jobs, owning your own business, afternoon and night shift, etc. 

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