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Do You Want FREE Printables?

I know you do, that’s why you’re on Royal Baloo! Cassie from 3Dinosaurs.com and I are teaming up (and amazing things happen when we team up as I’m sure you’ve seen).  The entire month of October we will be posting a new printable every single day.  Even better – most of them will be free!  I wanted to give a bit more information and provide a quick and easy way to get e-mail notifications when the printables come out (Don’t worry, these won’t be daily notifications.  Just once a week!).  The link to sign up to receive notifications is just below this!

For that ‘more information’:

We will have 31 full days of printables.  We’ve separated each week into it’s own theme.  First will be Halloween printables, followed by Dinosaurs Printables, Transportation printables, and Thanksgiving printables.  The last few days will be random (or maybe winter!  I don’t even know!!)


Royal Baloo’s 31 Days of Printables

Halloween Theme

Day 1: Spider Counting Mats 1-10
Day 2: Vampire and Bat CVC Matching
Day 3: Jack O Lantern Fractions
Day 4: Frankenstein Doubles Addition Game
Day 5: -oo Vowel Team Easy Reader Book “Who Said BOO at the Zoo?”
Day 6: Halloween Themed SuDoKu
Day 7: Roll a Silly Halloween Sentence

Dinosaur Theme

Day 8: Dinosaur Place Value 
Day 9: Dinosaur Handwriting Practice (ABCs)
Day 10: Dinosaur Syllable Challenge (For beginning or soon-to-be readers!)
Day 11: Dinosaur Venn Diagram
Day 12: Dinosaur CVC Word mats
Day 13: Dinosaur Make a Word
Day 14: Dinosaur Letter Sounds Booklet

Transportation Theme

Day 15: Transportation CVC Sliders
Day 16: Averaging and Ordering Numbers with Trains
Day 17: Beginning Multiplication with Trucks
Day 18: Duck/Truck -cv Easy Reader
Day 19: Transportation Counting Mats
Day 20: Transportation Skip Counting Printables
Day 21: Train Doubles and Doubles Plus 1 Addition Game


Thanksgiving Theme

Day 22:  Turkey Spin Sight Words
Day 23:  Turkey Digraph Sort
Day 24: Measuring Thanksgiving
Day 25:  Turkey Number Line
Day 26: Turkey Trot Addition Game
Day 27: Thanksgiving Digraph Easy Reader
Day 28: Thanksgiving SuDoKu


Winter Theme:

Day 29: Winter Number Sense Puzzles
Day 30: Snowflake Fractions
Day 31: Snowflake Beginning Sounds Puzzles


3 Dinosaurs 31 Days of Printables

Halloween Theme

Day 1: Halloween Calendar Printables
Day 2: Spin and Cover Halloween Math (Counting, Addition, and Multiplication)
Day 3: Trick or Treat Easy Reader Book
Day 4: Halloween Place Value Cards
Day 5:  Trick or Treat Bookmarks
Day 6:  Halloween Writing Paper
Day 7:  Roll a Witch’s Brew

Dinosaur Theme

Day 8: Dinosaur Counting Mats
Day 9: Dinosaur Addition and Subtraction Mats
Day 10: Dinosaur Easy Reader Book
Day 11:Dinosaur Information Bookmarks
Day 12: Dinosaur Gross Motor
Day 13:
Day 14:

Transportation Theme
Day 15: Transportation Addition Clip Cards
Day 16: Flying Fun Air Counting Mats
Day 17:
Day 18: Transportation Reading Chart Printables
Day 19:
Day 20: Transportation Placemats
Day 21:

Thanksgiving Theme

Day 22: Thanksgiving Calendar Set
Day 23: Spin and Color Thanksgiving Math
Day 24: Thanksgiving ABC Find & Color
Day 25: Thanksgiving CVC Find & Color
Day 26: Thanksgiving Digraph Coloring Pages
Day 27: Thanksgiving Counting Mats
Day 28: Thanksgiving Addition and Subtraction Mats

Winter Theme

Day 29: Subtraction Clip Cards
Day 30: Winter Counting, Addition, and Multiplication
Day 31: Winter Multiplication Cards



If you’d like to be updated once a week on the printables we’ve released, you can sign up here!  Just one e-mail a week and you can rest easy that you won’t miss a single printable!

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