31 Days of Gross Motor–Week 4!


This is our last week of Gross Motor activities!  It’s been a great month so far,


Day 19
Rock Wall Climbing!  We got really lucky today and had the opportunity to go to a local event where they had a rock climbing wall!  All of the boys wanted to try to climb, but Logi-Bear was too small (we still let him pretend!).  Royal and Baloo both climbed for a long time.  Baloo was able to go to the top twice, and Royal made it almost to the top.  He was about 2 feet shy of getting there – which was about 15 feet higher than I thought he’d go!

Day 20
We got lucky (again) and were hit with a wave of beautiful weather!  I set the boys up with a garbage can of water and gave them buckets, water shooter, watering cans, and all kinds of toys.  They were running around having water fights, watering the plants, and just being wet boys!

Day 21
Bouncy House!  I love those inflatable bounce houses.  Royal and Baloo will bounce, jump, run, and just wear themselves out for a good hour!  I’m tempted to buy an inflatable bounce house for those days when I need them to release that energy!

Day 22
Jump dancing.  I know that sounds silly, but we did some very silly dancing that involved a LOT of hopping, bouncing and jumping.  It was a very good workout!

Day 23
Sledding in the snow!  We were able to drive up the mountain and we found a sled!  We spent a lot of time climbing up a big hill and then sliding down.  It was quite the workout!
We drove about halfway down the mountain where the snow had melted and were able to do a bit of hiking too!

Day 24
It was raining Sad smile
I know that’s not a good excuse, but we spent a lot of time just playing outside and then it started to rain.  We declared it a rain day and read a lot of books instead.

Day 25
Kids museum again!  We have a membership and we are trying to take full advantage!  It’s such a great museum with so much to do – I’ll be doing a review soon!  We’ve been 4 times now and still haven’t been to every exhibit!


This is our last week of our Gross Motor challenge!  Starting next Friday we will be doing 28 days of Fine Motor!  I’ve had a great time this month exploring new gross motor options and making sure to get active with the boys every single day.  I think they’ve really enjoyed it too!  I hope everyone had a great time with this challenge!



What did you do for gross motor this week??  If you have a blogger, link up to our linky!!  If not, please leave a comment and let us know!


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