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Community Helper SuDoKu

My kids have always loved community helpers of all kinds (especially garbage men). It only makes sense that we incorporate some community helper themes into our school days. And if you’re looking here are even more great community helper activities! I love the community helper theme.  There are so many people in our lives that…

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Transportation Printables for Preschool with ABCs, Numbers, and More

There’s nothing like a transportation unit for preschoolers. It seems that all kids, boys and girls alike, love trucks, trains, cars, planes, etc. These hands-on activities are transportation themed and just for preschoolers! Transportation Printables for Preschoolers I’ve yet to meet a preschooler that wasn’t intrigued by some sort of transportation vehicle. They may not…

Zoomin Movin Alphabet F-J Widgets Clipart is from KPM Doodles Find A-E plus a review game here! Download Letter Ff Here Letter Ff Blog post Download Letter Gg Here Letter Gg Blog Post Download Letter Hh Here Download Letter Ii Here Download Letter Jj Here Download the A-J Uno Review Game Here

PreK – Week of Oct 4

  Finally we’ve had a semi normal week!!  I was actually feeling a bit better and we had a few normal days.  That ended on Wednesday though because I just am not happy with our set-up.  It’s too much “sit-down” work and not enough active.  I see pictures of all my friends kid’s preschools and…