A is for Ambulance PreK and Tot School Round-Up

Royal is 3 years 10 months
Logi-Bear is 23 months

Zoomin’ Moving Alphabet
Letter A
Number 1
Color Red
Sight Word the

We recently purchased the All About Reading Pre-Reading level for Royal and wanted to start it right away.  The curriculum goes through the alphabet in ABC order, so I decided to start over with our Zoomin’ Moving Alphabet.  We were in such a transition when I started making these packs that we didn’t really get to use them to their full potential anyway.  And I think Logi-Bear is ready to join us for more now as well!

We started off the week with the A coloring page.  I let Royal choose how to decorate the ambulance and he chose watercolors.  We haven’t used watercolors in a long time!IMG_9770

He spent a long long time painting his ambulance.  And he insisted on painting the letter A red as well.

He decided that he wanted to decorate the A with gold glitter.  I spread the glue all over the A and let him at it.  It’s also been awhile since we’ve used loose glitter!

His finished A sheet!


We got out our Melissa and Doug wooden letter stamps and did some A and a stamping.

Royal really enjoyed stamping the lowercase a’s!  Then I gave him some capital A stickers and he put them all over his ambulance (with a little help from Logi-Bear)
The color of the week (to go with the ambulance theme) was red, so we went on a color hunt!  The boys collected everything red that they could find!  Toys, books, plates, pillows – even my phone!

When we finished our indoor color hunt, we went for a walk outdoors to find more red things!  We could a red car, tail lights, berries, leaves, fire lanes, benches, and more!  There are plenty of red things outside as well!


Next, I cut up the red color sheet I made when Royal was a lot younger, and we all worked on gluing the images to the sheet.  I had the boys take turns and we named each item (red phone, red flag, red crab, etc)


I printed off the tot school and preK tracing sheets for Royal and Logi-Bear, but Logi-Bear wasn’t really interested.  Royal and I worked through them though!!  We started by finger tracing them…

And worked up to tracing them!  Royal isn’t feeling confident with his tracing skills (he’s quite the introvert, just like his mama!) so I “helped” him.  I really just touched the tip of the crayon, but it gave him enough confidence to finish!


I wasn’t sure how Royal would do with the connect the ambulances given that he was so unsure with the tracing, but thought we’d give it a try anyway.  I had him finger trace first and then with a marker.  To my surprise, he loved it!  He had no trouble tracing and this is probably the first time he’s really made a letter!

When he was finished he insisted on dotting his A with some dot markers.  I figured it was good practice, so why not!

And when he was finished with that, he wanted to see what color the dots would turned if he used yellow on top.  I wasn’t too fond of the idea honestly (I was worried it would ruin our dot markers) but I let him at it anyway.  He had a great time and found that blue and yellow make green!

When he finished dotting the A he wanted to use the dot markers some more, so I printed out my dot marker Ambulance for him.  He started by dotting in the circles, but ended up just dotting the entire picture!!

We decided to print another A sheet and use it for a playdough mat.  I rolled up the playdough for Royal and then had him prick it with a toothpick.  He made little holes all over the A!IMG_9830
When he was done with the toothpick I asked him to ‘smush’ the A with his fingers!  He was more than happy to oblige!


We ended up with a very smushed A!
That was our A week!

Go here to download the Zoomin Moving Alphabet A pack!


I will be linking up to the Tot School Gathering place!

Aa is for Ambulance free printables for learning letters!  Transportation fans will love this ABC set based on trucks, car, trains, and more!    Add to Tribes aaambulancesquare Aa is for Ambulance free printables for learning letters!  Transportation fans will love this ABC set based on trucks, car, trains, and more!    Add to Tribes

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  1. I love following your blog now that I have discovered it and have been blessed to used some of your printables! I really love that your two youngest boys ages align so closely with my 2 little girls which are 3 1/2  and 27 months. That provides lots of similarities but also plenty of differences based on gender. Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed getting to "know" you through your blog!

  2. Thank you for sharing such amazing stuff! My favorite is the Summer Learning activities. Thank you! Just what I was looking for!

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