Welcome to Royal Baloo!


Where we are secular, sassy, and a little bad-assy.

Just a little bit.

My goal is to help you teach your kids!

Not in a literal sense – I’m not coming to your house or school.

But in the sense that I would love to help you find the tools, the printables, and ideas that make teaching your kids a breeze.


Whether your kids are:

  • One or many
  • Neurotypical
  • Neurodivergent
  • Boys, girls, or any gender identity
  • Silly or serious

I will have something for you!


Whether you are:

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Caregiver
  • Teacher
  • Exhausted or peppy
  • Creative or not

No matter where you are in your homeschool journey, it can get better.





That’s me!

My name is Erin and I have found my passion for making learning fun.

I never envisioned teaching my kids at home in this manner. Actually, I thought our homeschool would be more like school at home.

Desks in a row, kids silently working, etc.

It’s not like that at all and I wouldn’t even want that at this point.

What’s wrong with school at home? 

Nothing, really. Except that through homeschooling we are able to break down those walls. I’m not going to work really hard to build up the same walls.

Instead, we work toward finding a system that works for us, that works best for my kids individually, and that hopefully sets them up for the highest level of success in their adult lives.

We love homeschooling and I want you to love homeschooling, too (if you’re a homeschooler…)

I have three kids at home now and they’re the reason for this blog and my new opinions on school and education.

We started homeschooling our oldest in kindergarten and it was great. He loved being home with his brothers and leading his education.

But he and our middle started public school in 3rd grade and kindergarten respectively. It was necessary for our family at the time.

They made it through a year and a half before we were able to pull them out again and homeschool as we had always wanted.

Bringing them home again was not an easy transition.

I was so ready to have my oldest kids at home with me full time again but we had gotten used to our routine. Having them return home, and having it happen so suddenly, was a transition we weren’t prepared for.

We had already homeschooling for 3 years prior to that. I thought I was a pro and ready for anything.

But we had some learning to do.

We worked on deschooling.

We worked on finding our rhythm.

And we worked on making homeschooling work for us, not us working for homeschooling.

And that’s what I want to help you with.

Perhaps homeschooling is going really well for you and you just want a few more fun ideas. That’s awesome and I can definitely help you there. Fun ideas are my favorite.

But if you’re struggling, your kids are struggling, and homeschooling is not what you pictured, I can help with that, too.


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P.S. If you were just looking for a bit of info on us, who we are, and what we like, you can find that below!

My oldest, nicknamed Baloo, is 12 and has found a passion for chemistry and the periodic table of elements. He is my kid who loves to learn but never wants to do so in a traditional way. Public schools were all wrong for him because he learns best when he initiates it himself.

Royal is my middle at 9 years old. He’s everything you’d expect of a middle child and we get to enjoy his silly antics on a daily (or hourly) basis. As far as teaching goes, he’s probably the easiest because he so rarely complains about what we are doing. He is happy to learn.

Last is Logi-Bear, rounding out our family of 5. He’s 7 years old and will learn nearly anything. As long as I’m trying to teach it to his brothers and not him.


Finally, I’m Erin. Along with teaching my kids and helping other people teach their kids, I have a lot of hobbies. I like knowing a little bit about everything. But mostly I enjoy reading, running, knitting, and immersing myself in fantasy fandoms like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and basically any other one that’s out there.

I also love to write even if it causes me a bit of anxiety to share my writing (that’s a fun little irony for a blogger, right?).