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Apple Skip Counting – Interactive Set for Math

Get a fun skip counting set and work on skills for 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.

Now comes in black and white and color!

Fun skip counting set for kids with a cute apple theme! Work on math skills and prep for multiplication and telling time.

The Importance of Skip Counting

Skip counting seems like one of those skills that isn’t very important or doesn’t have a whole lot of use. But when it comes to multiplication or telling time, skip counting can be very handy.

It is a skill worth working on.

When it comes to math, I believe in giving kids a chance to play with numbers. Being able to manipulate numbers and use different skills to accomplish different tasks gives kids a deeper understanding of math. There are usually multiple ways to accomplish one problem and the kids who figure out the other ways are the ones who play with numbers.


What’s Included in this Skip Counting Set?

I love having some themed sets for different activities. This set includes 6 different activities for practicing skip counting by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.

Clip cards

There are clip cards for skip counting that include pictures that illustrate the numbers. For example, the 2s in this set are apple seeds. The pictures start with 2 seeds, then 4, 6, 8, and 10. These clip cards are a great introduction because even kids who haven’t worked on skip counting can figure out the answer.


Skip Counting Mazes

These skip counting mazes are a great way to practice skip counting. Each maze ends at a different point. And they all end at a pretty high number ensuring that the kids who use these mazes are truly understanding the skip counting method.


Skip Counting Dot to Dot

There’s nothing like a fun dot to dot. These skip counting ones double as math practice!


Cut and Paste Skip Count

This page is a simple cut and paste for skip counting. The numbers are included at the bottom of the page and kids can cut the numbers out themselves. Glue the numbers in the right spot and practice skip counting.

Skip Counting Puzzle

The puzzle comes attached at the bottom of the page all mixed up. Kids cut out the pieces and then glue them down in order.


Hole punch skip counting

There is a strip for each set of facts. Give kids a hole punch and have them punch out the numbers for skip counting.


Head to Teachers Pay Teachers to get the Apple Skip Counting Set!


Don’t want an apple theme? I’ve got you covered!

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