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Map Activity: Where Do Arctic Animals Live?

Have you ever wondered exactly where the animals in the artic live? Do they all live in one area, spread out, somewhat mingled? Maybe you’re just curious which animals are more likely to run into each other.

This map activity set is great for research into where the arctic animals live and then marking it down.

It’s especially great for a study on arctic animals!

Arctic Animals Map

I remember learning to read maps as a kid and being told it would be very important when we were adults. But then GPS became a thing and reading maps isn’t as important as it once was.

Except, I still think knowing how to read a map is important. There are many instances in which being able to read a map would come in handy.

There are many ways to practice reading maps and I love a variety. This arctic animal map study is perfect not just to learn about arctic animals but to improve on map skills!

How to Use the Map

The idea behind this map is to color in where each animal would live. Given that all of these animals live in about the same area, it is not intended that anyone would include ALL of the animals here.

So I would suggest to either have your kids or students pick their favorite 3-4 animals to include or have them make multiple maps.

You could even make a map for each animal and have a great set of maps to show where each live.

Start by choosing the animal(s) that you will include and search online for that animal.

I had the most success in searching ‘Where does the arctic fox live’ and then looking at the images. There is usually a very clear image close to the top of the results.

Next, color in that area on your map. I chose to use a different color for each animal.

After the entire area is colored is, color the image of your animal and glue it to your map.

Then fill our your map key so that everyone knows what each color represents.

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