Birds by Kevin Henkes Crafts and Activity

When the Virtual Book Club did Kevin Henkes books I absolutely fell in love with all of them, but Birds stuck out most.  First of all, Royal just adored the book.  And I loved it, too!

Whenever we spot it at the library we pick it up and keep it for a few weeks.  I think it’s time to just buy the book!

We just got it out again though, and I wanted to do a few crafts with Royal.  On one page it mentions that birds can be yellow, blue, brown, red, or even green, so I wanted to make a tree with all the different colors of birds.



First I had Royal lay his arm on the page so I could trace it.IMG_2006

The we colored it in.  The whole arm tree was a daunting task for him, and he asked for my help.

He decided that the birds needed a lot of branches to sit on, so he added a few branches…

And then we used paint and fingers to make the birds!

Colorful bird tree!!



In another part of the book it says that sometimes when a bunch of birds are sitting in a tree and then fly away it’s like the tree is saying Surprise!!  We all think that part is pretty funny.  Royal and I recreated it with some black construction paper.  We started by tearing it all up together.

Then I told him to stay very still, and I put the construction paper all up and down his arms and in his hands.

And then he threw up the pieces of paper and yelled SURPRISE!!!  We must have done this 6 or 7 times before he was ready to move on.

We had a lot of fun with this book and I’m so glad we have it for a few more weeks.  I’m sure I’ll be buying it pretty soon anyway!


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