BOB Books Printables Set 3 Books 3 & 4

We’re back for week 2 of BOB Books Set 3 Printables!  I think this has been my favorite set so far Smile


For set 3 you will find printables from Cassie at and Becky at (and myself of course!)



Last week I wrote in detail about each page in my set 3 printables.  So, if you’d like to know more about what you’ll find in these downloads, check out the post!

Here are a few fun ideas to try while reading your blog books:

Color in the pictures!
BOB Books are black and white, so why not customize your books by coloring them in!

Underline the sight words
Pick one sight word to focus on and underline it on every page.  You can use a different color for each sight word.

Make some puppets for the characters and act out the stories in the books.


To Download Set 3 Book 1 and 2, Go Here!

BOB Books Set 3 Books 3 and 4 Free Printables

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