BOB Books Rhyming Words Printables Books 1 & 2

I’m so excited to be working with BOB Books again!!  This rhyming words set is amazing and a great sequal to the Set 1.  If you’re kids have completed set 1, or are close to completing it, you definitely want to check out the rhyming words set!  It is a nice jump up from set 1!

And before I forget, I’m working with the amazing Becky at This Reading Mama and Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs so be sure to check them out for more printables!

BOB Books Rhyming Words Printables

I’ve designed my sets for the rhyming words to work with each other, or build upon one another.  Some parts will be the same throughout all the books and can be used together, such as the memory cards.  Each week you’ll add a few new cards to your memory set, making it a bit more difficult!

So what’s included in my set?
Ice Cream Matching
Circle the Rhymes
My –an/-ot Rhyming Book
Rhyming Word Search
Memory Cards
Rhyming Puzzle
Spy the Sight Words
CVC Cards
CVC Puzzles
Match the Rhyme Beginnings

I hope you’ll find that it’s a fun little set and great addition to the Rhyming Words set!!

Go Here to Download Books 1 and 2 of the Rhyming Words Set

BOB Books Rhyming Words Printables


As usual, I’m working with a group of AMAZING bloggers who have also put together some printables to go with the rhyming words set!!  Do not miss these printables!!
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