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I love reading and I’ve always hoped to share that love with my kids.

For me, I’ve done that through reading around them and reading out loud every evening before bed. It’s a non-negotiable in our house.

Not all of my kids love reading on their own. In fact, only one regularly picks up a book just because. Another reads if that’s really all that’s left to do. The third just doesn’t read yet.

But they still love books because it’s been a positive in their lives. It’s my hope that over time they will find the joy and love in reading. At the very least, they don’t hate reading.

This also means that I regularly leave books around the house that I think will interest them. Sometimes it’s based on a unit we’ve done, sometimes it’s based on a new interest they’ve mentioned, and sometimes it’s just what I felt like grabbing.

I’m working on making book lists to share. It’s always nice to get book recommendations from other people.

Book Lists based on Subject

Recently I’ve been looking for books on particular topics – usually to match a theme we’re working on. History is the first set I’ve tackled.

History Book Lists

Prehistory Secular Secular History Book List – non-fiction and fiction books set in prehistory. This includes picture books up through middle school age chapter books.

Ancient Mesopotamia Secular History Book List – historical fiction, fiction, and mythology books all about Ancient Mesopotamia!

Kingdom of Kush Secular History Book List – I’m so excited about this list of books set in the Kingdom of Kush.

Book Lists based on Theme

I also enjoy books on particular themes. I tend to check out a lot of these books during the holidays or specific time of the year.

Books about New Years

Books about The Mitten

Books about Snow and Winter

Books about Valentines Day

Books about Reindeer

Books about Santa

Books about Hanukkah

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