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Buttermilk Pancakes with Strawberry Compote

Buttermilk Pancakes with Strawberry Compote!  These pancakes were SO delicious and not overly sweet!

Recipes for KIDS to Make: Buttermilk Pancakes and Strawberry Compote

The Kids in the Kitchen blog hop is featuring kid made breakfasts this week.  When it comes to the boys, there is not a breakfast food they don’t like.  I knew finding something Royal wanted to make would not be hard at all.  I gave him a few options and naturally he went for the one that isn’t too bad but is still a bit sweet.  For a compote, this really doesn’t take that much sugar though!


We always gather all of our food and pots and pans before hand to make sure we are ready.  This way we don’t get halfway through a recipe to find out we are missing an essential ingredient (happens to me too often…).  Of course, we forgot the baking soda!  We almost always miss something.



I started Royal off by cutting strawberries.  Yes that is Royal cutting and yes that is a real knife.  Royal LOVES being in the kitchen and I have impressed upon him many times to respect kitchen tools.  We have gone over knife safety many times and continue to go over it before we use any knives.

You have to know your kid to know if they are ready to use knives.  All in all, this is not a super sharp knife.


I did help cut because we had a full pound of strawberries!  This what they look life with the sugar all mixed in.
After a few minutes of cooking.  Starting to break down!IMG_6148
Getting close!!  Once you reach this state, you’re almost there!


While the compote is cooking, we made the pancakes! The compote really doesn’t require much attention.

Eggs!  Royal really loves cracking eggs and he’s getting pretty good at it!

Everything in the bowl and mixing.  Make sure to mix thoroughly.    Lets just say, we missed a few clumps and getting a big bite of baking soda is NOT a good time.  We had to redo ours the first time around.  Mix well, but not too too much.IMG_6149


Next we cooked them on the griddle.  I almost always use a 1/4 cup on my pancakes.  It seems to be a good size.  Royal didn’t want to be in charge of flipping the pancakes so he didn’t.


Once the pancakes are done, add a bit of compote (and maybe a few strawberries) and enjoy!!


Go Here to Download the Recipe!





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