Cc is for Crane–Zoomin Moving ABCs

Back when I was at the beginning of the alphabet, someone requested that I do a set for the hard C sound (since I had done cement mixer with a soft C).  You’ve all been so patient, and I finally have it done and ready!!


What’s In the Pack?
C is for Crane coloring page
Dot the C’s
Stamp the C’s
Connect the Cranes
Prepare for C
Trace the C
Prepare for 3
Trace the 3
Paste the Cranes to the C
Sort the C’s and c’s
C dot marker page
Tracing pages (tot and preK versions)
Color the Cranes
Tot and PreK Puzzles
Practice Dice and Graphing
1-10 Puzzle
Color by size
Match the letters
Color by letter
Flash cards
Count the Cranes
Dot Marker page


Go Here to Download the Cc is for Crane Pack



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