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Counting Tubes

Royal and Logi-Bear are working on 1:1 correspondence, counting, numbers, etc.  I wanted to create and fun and coloring way for them to practice all of those!


I collected a few toilet paper rolls and pom poms.  I only did 1-5 so far, mostly because the toilet paper rolls were getting too short.  I cut the toilet paper rolls so that the pom poms would rest right at the top once placed in the tube.

Then I took construction paper and cut it down to fit the tubes exactly.IMG_1875

I glued the paper to the tubes and added the correct number.  Then I set the tubes out for the boys and just let them explore and play!

You can see that when the correct pom poms are in the tubes, they go right up to the top.


Royal was very into it.  He first sorted them by size, and then we counting 1 to 5.

Then he reversed them and we counting 5 to 1.

All in all, this was pretty easy to make, and we have a lot of fun counting with it!!  Logi-Bear also practices color matching and size sorting.  And it fits nicely into a shoe box for storage!

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