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Dentist Printable Packs

Since my kids were young, I’ve done my best to instill a good habit of teeth brushing.

I figure if they had the habit down as kids, it would be easy to maintain good teeth habits as adults. We will find out if this is true one day. But for now, I just have to work on getting them to take care of their teeth.

The best method I’ve found is showing them what happens when you don’t take care of your teeth. Not the worst case scenarios, but the more common ones. Root canals, extractions, and such.

But we also like to pretend play. And why not work in some dentist pretend play to learn about teeth?



This printable pack has multiple parts. Some of it is all about taking care of teeth. It includes a cute easy reader and a daily brushing and flossing tracker.

There’s also a math section with all kinds of math. Addition, subtraction, fractions, measurement, and more.

The language arts sections include dentist vocabulary, writing, reading, and digraphs.


For an overview of everything in the pack:



Included in the packs:
Kinder-2nd Math:
Dice and Graphing
Add and Clip Cards
Subtract and Clip Cards
Dentist Word Problems
Fill in the missing Numbers
Count Backwards
How Many Ways can you Make 10?
What time is it?
Sort by Addition
Sort by Missing Addend
Missing Addend Flip Cards
Skip Counting by 10 Puzzle
How Many?
Number Line
Tooth Fractions
Even and Odd Sorting
Count and Write the Numbers
Skip Counting by 5’s to 50
Color in the Pattern

Kinder-2nd Language Arts:
Read and Write the Room
Beginning Word Sounds
Word and Picture Matching
Word Search
Montessori Matching Cards
Fill in the ABCs
Write a Story
Word Family Matching
Following Directions


Go Here to Download the Dentist Printable Packs!


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