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Dinosaur Addition Game Sums 10-20

We’ve been practicing a LOT of addition facts.  I’m of the belief that having memorized basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts simply makes life easier.  But we don’t drill because that’s boring and not the most effective method.  Nope, we don’t drill.  We play games.  Lots of games.  Board games are popular with the boys so I’ve been making some different board games for them.



These games are meant to be pretty short.  I’d say each person practices 4-6 math facts per game.  We play a few different games a day, so this is perfect for their attention spans.

Unlike the St. Patricks Day game, I made cute little place markers for this one!  6 different options!



To play, simply flip over 2 cards and add them together.  Move the the next space with that sum!


Keep playing until someone reaches the end!


Pretty simple and easy!  I keep all the pieces and the playing board in a baggie.  Set up and clean up is quick!  The whole game usually lasts less than 15 minutes, depending on how many players we have.

Go Here to Download the Dinosaur Addition Game


Free Dinosaur Addition Game Printable for sums 10-20

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