Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Logi-Bear is at that age where he does not want to be left out of any activity, but he puts everything in his mouth!  My solution was an edible sensory bin! 

I got some green Jell-O to be grass like.  I simply made the Jell-O, put the dinosaurs in it, and then stuck it in the fridge to cool so the dinos would be submerged in the Jell-O.  I thought they would be all the way in the Jell-O but apparently I didn’t have enough! 

Then I used my food processor to grind up some rolled oats and added just enough water to make it firm oatmeal.

Pretty simple for a sensory bin!  And very inexpensive!  The Jell-O was store brand for 50 cents and the oatmeal is about $2.50 for a large container!  The dinosaurs were from the dino Toob.  We usually get them at Joanns with a coupon.

I wanted Logi-Bear to have his fair chance to explore so I told Royal and Baloo they had to wait for a minute.  I didn’t count on Logi-Bear having no interest in touching the Jell-O whatsoever!  He stared at it for a long time!  The older boys were so restless!


He finally decided he wanted to touch a dinosaur and reached in…

Then I let them all dig in!


Logi-Bear still wasn’t interested in getting his hands goopy.  He started bringing over rocks and dirt to add to the bin.

I was so worried about Logi-Bear eating our sensory bins that I did not see this coming!

The dinosaurs climbed the mountain in the middle (the oatmeal) a lot!

I urged them to get messy and put their hands in!  How often do you get to just play with Jell-O after all?
IMG_6989 IMG_6991

Logi-Bear still didn’t want to touch it!  He went and got this beach umbrella attachment!

But he did end up playing a little bit…

And he even decided to taste some of it!


Be sure to check out the awesome Dinosaur Kindergarten Pack that I worked on with Cassie at 3dinosaurs.com!  This activity would be a great addition to the pack!

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