Dinosaur Timeline

The boys are super into dinosaurs so I really wanted to impress on them how long ago dinosaurs lived, how long they lived for, and for how short a time humans have actually been on this earth.  I really like the idea of timelines and had planned to make one for all the history of human civilization.  But to include dinosaurs on that would be like 1000 sheets long and that seemed unnecessary.

So a dinosaur time line it is!!  This one spans 5 pages and goes from 250 million years ago (MYA) to the present.  We intend to add little cards of our favorite dinosaurs and when they were alive as we research the different dinosaurs.



Go Here to Download the Dinosaur Timeline


I’m trying to find some images of dinosaurs to make cards to put on the timeline.  I’ll update when I get those done!


Dinosaur Timeline - Show your kids how long ago dinosaurs ruled the earth with this great free visual!



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