Do a Dot ABC’s: Letter Cc

Logi-Bear and I have been working through the Do a Dot letters for a few weeks now.  We choose a letter to work on each week and just go at it.

FINALLY last week it seemed to click with him.  I was pointing at letters and he was recognizing them!  This is a HUGE dea`l for Logi-Bear as he has been my most reluctant learner.  Watching him identify letters and letter sounds was just amazing.  I hope your kids find as much success as Logi-Bear!



What’s in the packs?
You can get a very thorough description in my first post hereI

In short though:
What’s in the Packs?

Do A Dot Letter Pages (Upper and Lowercase)
Letter Mazes
Letter Hunt
Letter Patterns
Count the Letters
Dot the Beginning Sound
Upper and Lowercase Do a Dot Letter Pages with Clipart
Do A Dot Pages with Clipart
Dot the Letter to Make the Letter (Upper and Lower)
Graph and Dot
Prewriting Letter Dotting


Go here to download the Do a Dot Letter Cc Packs!


Some of our favorite dabber markers!




At any point you can buy the entire ABCs for just $10!!  That’s less than 2 cents per page! 

Go Here to Buy the Do a Dot ABC Entire Set on Teachers Pay Teachers


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