Do A Dot Letter Bb Printables

I am still incredibly excited about this set.  Logi-Bear, who is my most reluctant learner by far, absolutely LOVES these packs.  We do one letter a week and every day I print off at least one page from the pack.  He does them with excitement!  Just getting out the markers gets him super excited.  I think his favorite page is the graphing, which is awesome.  For a solid 10-15 minutes we sit and throw the die as hard as we can.  Then we identify what we rolled. He calls the letters out over and over again.


What’s in the packs?
You can get a very thorough description in my first post hereI

In short though:
What’s in the Packs?

Do A Dot Letter Pages (Upper and Lowercase)
Letter Mazes
Letter Hunt
Letter Patterns
Count the Letters
Dot the Beginning Sound
Upper and Lowercase Do a Dot Letter Pages with Clipart
Do A Dot Pages with Clipart
Dot the Letter to Make the Letter (Upper and Lower)
Graph and Dot
Prewriting Letter Dotting


Go here to download the Do a Dot Letter Bb Packs!


Some of our favorite dabber markers!



At any point you can buy the entire ABCs for just $10!!  That’s less than 2 cents per page! 

Go Here to Buy the Do a Dot ABC Entire Set on Teachers Pay Teachers


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