It doesn’t have to be difficult or painful to teach kids to read with BOB Books. In fact, it can be quite simple by following the path that BOB Books has laid out! From simple ABC books through their sight word sets – BOB Books will take your child from non-reader to reader.

Add in these simple and fun worksheets, and you’ll have a reader in no time.

These printables will help your child practice the skills from the books in a hands-on way.

Teaching a child to read? Learning to read with BOB Books and free BOB Books printables is a great way! Kids love BOB Books and printables just enhance their learning. #BOBBooks #LearntoRead

How to Use BOB Books to Teach a Child to Read

BOB Books are a great resource for teaching a child to read.

But they can also be a bit overwhelming. Should you read the same book multiple times? Once? How much should you read in one day?

What extra activities should you do?

My suggestion is to take a simple schedule and follow your child’s lead.

Day 1 – Read the first book. Choose a printable from the free printables (below) that your child will enjoy.

Day 2 – Read the next book. Choose another printable they will enjoy and work through it.

Continue reading every day.

If your child struggles, hits a roadblock, fights against you – stop! You don’t want to turn reading into a struggle. It will just turn your child off from reading.

Take a bit of time off or stick to fun activities that strengthen your child’s reading.

Where to Buy BOB Books

BOB Books are sold at many places – Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.

My favorite place to buy them is Costco because they have the giant books instead of the small ones.

You can also browse their selection of books on Amazon.

Which BOB Books Should I Start With?

This all depends on your child and where they are in their reading journey!

If your child doesn’t know their ABCs yet:

If your child knows their ABCs and is ready to start reading:

If your child can sound out words but needs more practice:

If your child can read fairly well:

BOB Books Printables and Worksheets

When my older kids were learning to read we used a combination of a few resources. But one thing we missed out on was printables that went along with the BOB Books. All of these printables are meant to be used along with BOB Books to reinforce what the kids are learning.

There are free printables for each set 1-4, plus rhyming words, and sights words kindergarten and first grade.

Click through to each set to get the printables for the books!





Do you want more BOB Books Printables?

I’ve been lucky enough to team up with Cassie at to bring you many great resources and activities for learning to read with BOB books!
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