Earth Day Packs

Earth Day Free Printable Packs

This 60+ page pack is intended for kids aged 2-7.

What’s in the pack?

R is for Recycling, Coloring, Tracing, Matching Cards, Dot the Rs, 9 piece puzzle, 2 piece puzzles, Cutting strips.

3 part Cards, Tracing, Cutting, Colors, What’s Different, Letter Mazes, Size Sorting, Patterns, Counting, Shadow Matching, 4 piece puzzles, Clip and Count Cards, Beginning Letter Sounds, Writing, Color by Size, Sort Trash and Recycling, Matching, Find the Same, Color-by-Number, Color-by-Letter, ABC Cards, Graphing, Counting,

Montessori Matching, Fill in the missing numbers, count backwards, fill in the ABCs, How many ways can you make 10, sorting by addition and subtraction, skip counting, How Many?, Number Line, Following Directions, Earth Fractions, Even and Odd Sorting, Measure the People, Count and Write the Numbers, Color in the Patterns, SuDoKu, Graphing, Word Problems, Time, Add and Clip, Subtract and Clip, Word Search, Writing.



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Graphics from Scrappin Doodles

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PreK Pack Part1
PreK Pack Part 2
K-2nd Pack Part 1
K-2nd Pack Part 2
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