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I Can Draw and Write Winter Things

Winter is such a great time for drawing and writing and staying inside where it’s nice and warm and cozy. This I Can Draw and Write Winter set is perfect for getting your kids motivated to write and illustrate their own winter stories!

I Can Draw and Write Winter

I love the idea of winter. Cuddling by the fireplace, hot chocolate, a good book, etc. I’m grateful to not live somewhere that has a real winter.

But since I love the idea of winter I do love winter themes and winter printables.

These I Can Draw Winter printables are some of my favorites because I also love the idea of writing about winter.

Hopefully these drawing ideas will get your kids inspired to write an amazing winter story. I’m secretly hoping it’ll be about a polar bear that goes sledding.

If your kids are still stuck on what to write about, try these silly roll a winter sentence printables. They might get the ideas rolling so your kids are excited to write (and illustrate) their own winter story!

Why Combine Drawing and Writing

None of my kids have been enthusiastic about writing. In fact, each of them has fought me on writing pretty consistently.

So I’ve worked hard to find ways to get them more excited about writing; and drawing has been a big help with that!

I’ve found that they are much more willing to write when it’s combined with drawing.

And I think both skills are important. It’s vital that kids work on their hand strength and use hand strengthening activities to build those muscles.

How to Use the Winter Writing Pages

I like to keep things simple and think these drawing and writing pages speak for themselves. So my first suggestion would be to just leave them out somewhere your kids will find them or hand them over.

This method doesn’t work for all kids/families, though.

And since I made these printables specifically for kids who don’t naturally gravitate towards writing, it’s safe to say many will need a bit more prodding.

The trick, in my opinion, is all about finding what is going to spark your kids interest.

For some kids the step-by-step drawing will be enough. For others it might be a good idea for a plot or a character. It might take a few tries to get your kid interested so don’t give up

So step 1 is going to be inviting them to draw. The first page walks you through how to draw each thing step by step. There’s an extra box on that page to practice drawing yourself.

Below the step-by-step drawings I’ve included a prompt to identify which shapes are in the drawing. I’ve included this to help kids see the shapes that make up a drawing. This skill is an integral part to being able to draw anything.

The next page is all about developing the character or setting. The 2nd page includes another place to draw the item but with more space this time. Add color, details, surroundings, etc.

Below the drawing area are some prompts. These prompts range from adding a name to developing some preferences to figuring out where the thing is located.

The last two pages are just for writing a story! One page has space for an illustration and the other is just lines for writing. Mix and match these pages as needed for the complete story.

Get the I Can Draw and Write Winter Download Here

Grab your copy of the Winter pages here.

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I Can Draw and Write Winter Printable


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