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Fall CVC Matching Free Printable


I love fall, which is rather unfortunate because we don’t have fall in Arizona.  However, I’m not past making my own fall through crafts and fun activities!



So the idea behind this printable is to sound out the pictures on the leaves and match them to the correct word ending.  It’s a practice in CVC words, blending, reading…and possibly more.  I’m hoping to use it with Royal.  He’s 6 and reading just fine, but I think being able to connect the sound in his head to the word ending on the page would be a great exercise for him.


We started out with just a few word families to make it a bit easier.


Then sound out the words and match to the right word family!  Great printable for rhyming practice as well!


And it gives me an excuse to put fall color trees up all over the house.


Go Here to Download The Fall CVC Matching


CVC Matching Printable with Fall (Autumn) Trees!  Free printable for learning to read!

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