Fall/Halloween sensory bin

It’s been awhile since we had our last sensory bin out so the boys were pretty excited about this one.  I intended on it being a fall bin but it kind of turned into a Halloween/Fall bin.  I found the cutest little pumpkins at Walmart and couldn’t resist. 

Other things in our bin:
Fake bugs
Foam leaves
Leaf decorations (kind of silky)
Styrofoam pumpkins and other gourds
Plastic skeletons
Halloween erasers
Monster pumpkins (were in the Target $1 spot a few years ago)
Halloween placements


Royal used the monster puppets as bags.  He put all the erasers in.

Spider rings!

They lined up all the little black spiders and had the 2 larger spiders attack.

Skeletons going trick or treating with the pumpkins!

Royal said his pumpkins were riding horseys.


We’re having a lot of fun with this bin!!  I think I’ll take the Halloween stuff out now and add some crocheted acorns and pinecones.  I’d add real acorns and pinecones but I’m afraid of bugs and worms and the pinecones around here are spiky.  We will just have to investigate those outside!

There are tons of other Fall themed sensory bins out there to gather ideas from!
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