ABC Placemat Printables for Simple Alphabet Review

I’ve taught three kids to read and they’ve all learned in different ways. Which is why we’ve ended up with so many different tools for teaching the alphabet.

These ABC Placemats are some of my favorite. They’re so simple to introduce and use at mealtimes or anytime you might be sitting at the table.

They can be colored and laminated or just left alone.


Free ABC Placemat Printables

ABC Placemats

I started making these for Royal a few months ago when we were knee deep in learning the alphabet.  It was a fun way for us to continue learning about letters at mealtimes!

They are sized for legal paper (8.5x14in).

Each letter includes a list of 5 foods that start with that letter (with the exception of x, those foods have the /x/ sound somewhere in them).  I did my best to include mostly healthy foods, but there are some snacks and treats on there.


How to Use the ABC Placemats Printable for Toddlers

I’m of the opinion that toddlers should be left to play and not focused on things like learning letters.

However, there are always toddlers super curious about the alphabet.

And I see no reason why we cannot leave particular items laying around to slyly introduce them to concepts they will eventually learn.

To use theese with toddlers, I would simply print out one letter (probably the first letter of said toddler’s name) and use it at mealtimes. 

You might mention ‘Oh look, this is an R! Your name starts with an R.”

But there is no need to sit and focus on these. Let them be a subtle introduction.


How to Use the Alphabet Placemat Printable for Preschoolers

When kids start getting a bit older, their ability to sit for information generally increases. While I still wouldn’t try to force a preschooler to sit and learn their alphabet, there’s nothing wrong with planning some activities that have to do with the alphabet.

Talk about the letters at mealtimes. You might say something like ‘I see a letter B on your placemat. Did you know broccoli starts with a B?’

You could also provide your child with dry cereal like cheerios, fruit loops, or the like. They can use the cereal on the big letter in the middle.

Or let them use playdough to make the letters.


How to Use the Printable ABC Placemats for Kindergarten

There are so many ways to use these placemats above just having them under a plate while eating.

  • Use dry cereal to make the letters
  • Use playdough to make the letters
  • Drizzle slime to make the letters
  • Discuss foods they’ve eaten that start with the letter
  • Decorate the letters with various crafty items
  • Trace the letters with their fingers
  • Rainbow trace the letters
  • Cut out pictures from a magazine that begin with the letter and glue them onto the placemats



Download the ABC Placemats Here!

*These placemats are designed to be printed on legal size paper*


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