Free Bat Unit Study

Free Bat Unit Study

I’ve been trying to put together some units for Baloo where he would be in control, more or less.  I want to teach him how to learn, not just memorize.  A big part of learning is knowing how to do research.  With my last similar unit, Sharks, it was pretty much word for word, page by page.  I really want to do more open-ended stuff.

This Bat Unit Study is not specific to one book.  It includes questions that you should be able to find the answer to in almost any book about Bats.  All of the information is covered in my book of choice, but for anyone else wanting to do the study, you should be able to use a different book.

The pages in the study do not line up with the pages in the book.  I wanted Baloo to use this study himself and to find the answers himself.

I remember too many times in school just looking for the keyword and copying what was written.  That’s not learning!  I’m hoping with units like this, Baloo might be on a better path to teaching himself.

This unit is relatively short – just 7ish pages.  But it covers the basics about bats.  I would assume it would be good for kids who can read decently well, so 1st-2nd grade.

I hope you enjoy the unit study!!

Books to go with your Bat Unit Study

I love filling out our unit studies with books. The ones I’ve linked below are a combination of fiction and non-fiction.

Go Here to Download the Unit Study

Free Bat Unit Study