Free Chinese New Year Printable Packs

Free Chinese New Year Pack

I’m really excited for this pack because I’m really excited to learn more about the Chinese New Year!  I know basically nothing at this point, but the boys and I will read about and learn about this holiday together!  So I wanted to create a printable pack for the holiday!

What’s in the pack?
Tot Pack:

Coloring page, Dot Marker pages, dragon by color, prewriting, matching, and puzzles.

3-part cards, matching, colors, maze, size sorting, patterning, puzzles, dot markers, fine the same, counting, shadow matching, ABC mats, ABC puzzles, lacing cards, shapes, and color-by-number.

SuDoKu, Graphing, word problems, time, add and clip cards, subtract and clip cards, write the room, word search, color-by-addition, color-by-subtraction, beginning sounds, writing, matching, fill in the missing numbers, counting backwards, addition and subtraction mats, count to 10, sorting by addition and subtraction, skip counting by 10, number lines, following directions, color by fraction, even and odd sort, measuring, skip counting, and more!


Download the Chinese New Year Packs Here!



Also, check out my Chinese New Year pinterest board!



6 thoughts on “Free Chinese New Year Printable Packs”

  1. Thank you so much for making these! So happy that I have something to use with the kids during Chinese New Year week! Love the graphics too!

  2. Thank you so much for this – and all of the printables you share.  They are really wonderful and I can't believe you just share them with no cost – there are good people in this world and you are definitely one of them! 
    Subscribed for life.

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