Free Christopher Columbus Unit

Free Christopher Columbus Unit Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade

I have a completely new respect for Columbus after researching for this unit.  We may credit him with something he doesn’t deserve, but he deserves so much credit in other areas!  I am now so excited to teach my kids the truth about Columbus!

When I make my units, I make them to be used in addition to a good book.  I try to make them not specific to any certain book so that others can use them as well.  But having a book is essential.  There is no way I can fit even half of the important facts and info about a person in a unit.  So, before starting the unit, go to the library and find a book on Columbus that is age appropriate for your child.  We love the Who Was…series, and the Who Was Christopher Columbus book is no exception.  It’s thorough, interesting, and factual, yet it doesn’t dumb it down.  I’ve read a few of them now and find them to be great for Baloo (age 7).

What’s in the Unit?
3-Part Cards
Mini Christopher Columbus book
Question Page
Coloring Page with Info
Word Search
Why Is Columbus Famous?

Go Here to Download the Christopher Columbus Unit

Free Christopher Columbus Unit Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade

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  1. Your packets are awesome! I am new to homeschooling, I have a kindergartner and a preschooler, and I have gotten so many great ideas from your site, so thank you!!! I am curious, how do you use the 3 part cards?

  2. I just can’t in good conscience teach my kids that Columbus was a hero. He was such a heartbreakingly horrible human being. He enslaved, raped, mutilated, sold and tortured thousands of human beings for personal gain. Some of the things he did are too horrible to type, but even Wikipedia acknowledges many of the atrocities he did in order to further his career (you can find worse at other sites). Most of the things he got credit for he didn’t even do. It was widely known that the world was round by not just scientists but sailors, for instance. Many people had successfully sailed to the Americas. Here’s a book by the author of “Lies My Teacher Taught Me” all about lies we teach our kids about Columbus. There’s also a ton of stuff online about his atrocities. In our homeschool, we talk about who he was but we do projects and give more attention to other explorers and icons. Just another perspective, since I think a lot of people still don’t know the extent of the things he did. Didn’t mean to go off there. It’s nice of you to put this together! 🙂

    1. Given that Columbus is a popular topic is more American curricula, I find it important to learn about him. If you read the page in my pack titled “Why Is Columbus Famous” you’ll note where I mention that he failed in his mission, most people knew the world was round, and that while others had sailed to America, he was the first to sail there and maintain contact with his home land.

      I didn’t specifically mention slavery in my pack if only because I didn’t find a place to put it, we did talk about it when we reviewed Columbus though. I also understand a huge part of his mission was to convert the Indians to Christianity (since he thought he was in India…where they were not Christians!)

      He is definitely important to American history, though I wouldn’t call him a hero.

      I’m still confused as to why many people like to teach kids something so far from the truth when the truth is pretty interesting itself!

      A lot of this is why I strongly suggest good literature. I can only cover so much in a short pack but books can really fill in the huge gaps!

      Thanks for taking the time to write! Maybe someone will see it and learn a bit about Columbus 🙂

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