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Construction Movement Cards to Get Kids Moving

Logi-Bear picked out I Am A Backhoe at the library one week and I fell in love.  It’s such a cute book!  And I was inspired to make some movement cards we could use at home to recreate the book.

I love finding ways to get them to move and be active that they also enjoy. These movements are so much fun that it’s hard not to enjoy them!

Construction Movement Cards

Sometimes kids just need an easy going time to move a bit in a directed way. These cards let kids act out their favorite construction trucks while getting a great brain break.

Let them get those muscles moving before (or after) you sit down the read the book!

You could even use these cards for a fun Simon Says game. Simon Says is now the head of construction! Listen to what he says to do.

If you do a movement that Simon doesn’t Say, you’re out!

Kids can also use them alone, in a group, with a friend, or just to look at! These cards can have many purposes, so don’t limit yourself to just one!

Free Construction Movement Cards

I wanted the cards to be a good size, so I made them half a page.

If you want them smaller, use the “multiple” function when printing and choose to have multiple per page! Make sure you are printing in Adobe for this trick to work!
Free Construction Movement Cards

Get the Construction Movement Cards:

Click Here to Download the Construction Movement Cards!

Free Construction Movement Cards. Get your kids moving with a free construction theme.

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  1. My little guy absolutely LOVES this book-especially when my husband reads it 🙂
    Thanks so much for the cute movement cards-speed racer will put them to good use.

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