Free Frozen Packs

I’m listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I finish up the downloads and get everything set up, and I have to say, these songs are quite enjoyable!  I’m not sure what it is about Frozen, but I really enjoy that movie too!


I’m really pleased with how these packs have turned out, and I hope everyone else likes them too!! 

As a major bonus, I’ve started adding in some 3rd grade material!  There isn’t a lot yet, but I’ve separated it into it’s own download for ease of use.  I’m not sure if 3rd graders enjoy Frozen or not, but I figured if I enjoy it then surely some 3rd graders would like it!


Go Here to Download the Frozen Packs


2 thoughts on “Free Frozen Packs”

  1. My younger is going to love this! Thank you so much. You could go all the way up to 6th grade and my older would love it too. She always says the younger gets all the fun stuff and she gets the boring stuff, rofl! Oh, well! Thank you again! These are wonderful.

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