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Free Johnny Appleseed Unit and Packs

Until earlier this year I believed that Johnny Appleseed was nothing more than a tall-tale.  You can imagine my surprise when I began to read more about him…

Free Johnny Appleseed Unit and Packs

This summer when I was planning our homeschooling year, I started working on this Johnny Appleseed Unit.  I was really excited and learned a lot about Johnny when we changed course and decided to study Ancient History instead.  But I had already started the unit, bought the clipart, researched a bit…so I decided to just finish it anyway.  It’ll be all ready for us when we are ready for it!

And for now, all of you can enjoy it!

Last minute I decided to go ahead and make some go-along packs for the younger ones.  Putting packs together can be cathartic for me, so I was enjoying it.

So, what’s in the packs?  Well let’s start with the unit.  I’ve put together a few biographical units now and found that it’s impossible to encompass everything in one small packs.  So I’ve designed them to accompany a book.  Not necessarily any book in particular, but a biography.  There is so much to learn about Johnny Appleseed that there is no way I could have all of that in one pack!  I highly encourage you to borrow a book from the library and read it while going through this unit.

The unit features a small reader book with some main facts about Johnny Appleseed.  That is accompanied by an “All About Johnny Appleseed” page.  All the answers on the page can be found in the reader book.  There is also some copywork, a page about tall-tales, word search, and 3-part cards.
Last in the unit is the narrative pages.  I’ve been reading The Well Trained Mind and really embraced the idea of the narrative.  It’s perfect for Baloo and so far, we’ve both been enjoying them (which is not something I could say about creative writing in the past).
I cannot say how closely I follow the method in the book, but what works for us is reading a good biography together.  After we’re done we pick one topic to write a few sentences about.  We recently read The B.F.G by Roald Dahl and Baloo wrote a few sentences about his favorite scene.  For biographies I like to have him narrate something that impressed him.  He dictates and I write (for now.  Soon he will be writing too) and then he illustrates.

Free Johnny Appleseed Unit and Packs

The Tot Pack
This short pack is designed for toddlers (Logi-Bear is 2.5 and would do well with most of this)
Prewriting Pages
Cutting Strips
9 Part Puzzle
Jj is for Johnny Appleseed Page
Matching Cards
Shape Tracing

The PreK Pack
For kids beyond the tot pack and up to about kindergarten
3-part cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next?
4 Piece Puzzles
What Is Different?
Beginning Sounds
Color Book
1-10 Puzzle
1-10 Clip Cards
J/j Dot Marker Page
Size Sorting


The Math Pack
About K-2nd Level
Tally Marks
100s Apple Chart
Word Problems
1-10 Addition Puzzle

I’m really particularly excited about this math pack.  I think incorporating math into fun units like this can make a huge difference.




This is a 100’s chart drawing.  Just color in each block and you end up with an image!JohnnyAppleseedMath Free Johnny Appleseed Math to go along with a Johnny Appleseed Unit (and preschool and tot packs, phew!)

Coloring Pages and Facts
I wanted to make some cute coloring pages, but why not spice them up with facts?  Perfect to accompany any study about Johnny Appleseed!


I hope you enjoy the packs!  I did really enjoy putting them together Smile

Johnny Appleseed Books I Recommend:


Click Here to Download the Packs


There’s more!  Apple themed syllable sort:

Apple themed beginning multiplication!



And don’t miss the Johnny Appleseed Dot Marker set I made for FreeHomeschoolDeals.com!


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  1. Hi and thank you again! Your talent and generosity is so appreciated. I thank you for this unit, but mostly for being so generous in a really tough economy. Bless you, Sincerely, Amy 🙂

  2. This looks like a really great unit. We did a lapbook last year on Johnny Appleseed and I found it to be very interesting as well. Thank you so much for sharing the packets with us. Very cute choice of graphics as well 🙂

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