Free Medieval Kinder and First Grade Pack

Free Medieval Kinder and First Grade Printable Pack

I’m so happy to finally begetting this pack out!!  It’s been a work in progress for a long time now!

This is a group project along with 3 Dinosaurs and Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.  You’ll definitely want to check out their blogs to get the complete pack which covers toddlers through 3rd grade!

Included in my pack:
3-part cards
SuDo Ku
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Add and Clip Cards
Subtract and Clip Cards
Word Search
Write a Story
Picture Matching
Fill in the Missing Numbers
Count Backwards
Fill in the ABCs
How many ways can you make 10?
Sort by Addition
Sort by Subtraction
Skip Count by 10 Puzzle
How many Dragons?
Number Line
Addition Problems
Follow Directions
Shield Fractions
Even and Odd Sorting
Count and Write Numbers
Skip counting by 5’s
Medieval ABC Book
Medieval Dot Markers


I hope you enjoy the pack!

Go Here to Download the pack!


Go here to download Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s pack
Go here to download 3 Dinosaurs’ Pack



Check out our Knights, Dragons, and Princesses Pinterest Board Here!


There are tons of great resources for Medieval units.  Here are a few I’ve found that would be great additions to our packs!
Brave Toddler, PreK, and Kindergarten Packs – Royal Baloo
Knight Preschool Pack – Homeschool Creations
Princess Preschool Pack – 1+1+1=1
Dragon Unit – 2 Teaching Mommies
How to Train Your Dragon Preschool Pack – 1+1+1=1
Knight and Castles Lapbook – Homeschool Share
Dragon Book Round-Up – 3 Dinosaurs

If you have any dragon, knight, princess, king, queen, or other medieval related resource, leave a link in the comments so I can add it!


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