Tool Printable Pack for Preschool and Tots

What is it with kids and tools? It seems like kids are just naturally drawn to investigating tools and what each one does.

Of course, playing with real tools is the best. I do try to let my kids use real tools every now and again.

The past few months we’ve managed to go to the Home Depot Kids Workshops and the boys all love it.  They get to use real toys (and paint) to build something all their own. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend checking it out.


Work on ABCs and math with your preschooler and this fun tool printable pack!


Tools Preschool and Tot Printable Packs

Since little kids tend to be so curious about tools, I thought a printable pack would be perfect. Not only could they learn the proper names of the tools, but they can also work on some reading and math skills.



Books for the Tools Printable Pack

I designed this pack to go with The Tool Book by Gail Gibbons.  Gibbons’ books are amazing resources for kids.  She can go into so much detail and yet the boys are enraptured by the books!  We’re learned about a few topics now, and have a lot of her books on our reserve list at the library!

There are also tons of other books that would go really well with this printable pack. Check them out here:

In the Tool Printable Packs for Preschool and Tots


What’s included?

3-part cards
4-Piece Puzzles
Which Is Different?
Prewriting/Tracing Page
Beginning Sounds
What Color Are My Tools?
1-10 Puzzle
Clip and Count Cards
Dot the Hh
Size Sorting
Shadow Matching
Sort the Tools and Gear

Prewriting/Tracing Pages
Cutting Strips
9-Piece Puzzle
Tt is for Tools
Dot the Tt
Matching Cards
Shape Tracing

You Can Download the Tools Packs Here!


Work on ABCs and math with your preschooler and this fun tool printable pack!

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