Transportation Printables for Preschool with ABCs, Numbers, and More

There’s nothing like a transportation unit for preschoolers. It seems that all kids, boys and girls alike, love trucks, trains, cars, planes, etc. These hands-on activities are transportation themed and just for preschoolers!

Transportation PreK Pack

Transportation Printables for Preschoolers

I’ve yet to meet a preschooler that wasn’t intrigued by some sort of transportation vehicle. They may not all love trucks, trains, and cars, but they all could appreciate the wonder of these giant moving things.

So transportation is a great theme for preschoolers.

There are plenty of vehicles to choose from: Garbage trucks, construction trucks, things that fly, boats, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Transportation Activities and Crafts for Preschool

There are plenty of crafts, games, and activities to add to your transportation theme!

What are some good children’s books for transportation?

Since so many kids love the transportation theme, there is a great selection of kids books! I’m going to share a few of our personal favorites.



Whats in the Transportation Themed Printable Pack?

This 30 page pack is great for preschoolers! It covers a lot of math, writing, and ABCs with the great transportation theme.


3 Part Cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next?
4 Piece Puzzles
Which is Different?
Prewriting Page
Beginning Sounds
What Color Is The Car?
1-10 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Skip Count by 5’s Puzzle
Skip Count by 10s Puzzle
Dot the Bb’s
Dot the Ccs
Shadow Matching
Coloring by Letter
Roll and Graph
Roll and Color
Playdough Mats
Counting Clip Cards


Go Here to Download the Transportation Printables!

Transportation PreK Pack

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