Frugal Fun with the Littles – Exposing the Alphabet

One technique that really helped Baloo learn his letters was simply noticing that letters are everywhere.  He was so excited to be able to point out letters when we were out and about.  I’ll never forget one time when we were walking up to a store (Staples) and just as we were about to cross the street he noticed the store sign.  He stopped in his tracks and just had to identify all 7 letters of the store name.  He was so proud of himself!

Royal doesn’t know his letters yet so I’ve decided to make a point to expose him to letters as much as possible.  We are focusing on one letter a week, and we just finished G week, so all my examples will be G’s!

I made this G out of the LeapFrog fridge magnets on the fridge one night. IMG_2114


We made ‘G Street’ and then I added different color houses so we could work on colors too. 

We made G’s out of Duplo Legos, Zoobs, and that is a letter bean bag!

That’s Royals hand waiting patiently while I made a G with his garbage trucks.

We made a G with our bodies!  (Forgive me for the super blurry photo but Royal wouldn’t let me try a 2nd time!  He wanted to see the picture!) 

I was able to convince Baloo to make one with stuffed animals.

And then Royal wanted in on the action with his trucks!

I put a big G up on the easel and gave Royal some G vocab cards to glue on

We made a G with play doh


Make shadow letter puppets!  I used a big foam letter, but a simple cut out – or even fingers sometimes – would do the trick!


We have fabric letters (tutorial here!) that we try to have out to play with a lot.


There are so many unique ways to expose the alphabet!  Try pointing out signs and letters in books and just have fun with it!

5 thoughts on “Frugal Fun with the Littles – Exposing the Alphabet”

  1. Those are fun pictures Erin. So many ways to show your kiddos the letter G. I love where you’ve used the kids to make the G on the floor. I’ll have to try this with my kids. It’s make a fun picture.

  2. FANTASTIC! I absolutely LOVE how you are introducing letters in SO many awesome ways! Thanks so much for sharing at Thrifty Thursday! Hope to see you this week as well!

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