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Pokemon Grid Art for Writing Fine Motor Skills

My kids hate writing.  I hear this from parents and teachers over and over and over.  My kids hate writing.  Typically people mean the physical act of writing, not the process of thinking of words to put on a paper.  And this activity handles the physical act without the process part.  My kids will dictate to me all day long. But ask them to hold a pencil and you’re asking for trouble.  Writing Practice with Pokemon to the rescue.

As a kid I used to do these grid art things.  You take a picture, draw a grid over it and then draw another grid, but bigger.  Then you use the smaller grid to guide your drawing.  Don’t worry if that sounds confusing – it makes more sense visually.


Why Practice Writing?

Now these pages do not practice writing in the traditional sense.  No letters will be formed, nor words or sentences.  However, a big part of the problem with writing is building up those fine motor muscles.  Without strength in those muscles, writing will become tiring quite quickly.  Further reinforcing the hatred for writing.  But with drawing and color building those muscles, writing will come easier.  The muscles will be built up in a fun and engaging manner.

Baloo, my child who hates writing the most, has loved Pokemon for about a year now.  The release of Pokemon Go has intensified that love so much though.  We just got him this amazing Pokemon Deluxe book that features over 700 Pokemon, or something crazy.  He reads it all the time.  And his friends will literally surround him so they can all read it together.  He can’t get enough Pokemon (which is good, because I have a lot more Pokemon stuff planned…)

Writing Practice with Pokemon

I’ve made two kinds of grid art pages.  The first set includes a portion of the original picture in the big grid.  I did this mainly to help kids grasp the concept (and because I knew my kids would balk at having to do the entire grid at first.  And they did).  These only have 3-4 squares to be filled in.  The other ones have an entire grid blank, just waiting for the art to start!


I drew this one in and my kids were amazed that it was Pikachu!  Oh my gosh, Pikachu!!  Oooh you mean writing practice with pokemon might actually be fun…who knew?


I’ve created an entire set of these Pokemon grid art for writing practice with Pokemon.  I hope some kids out there enjoy them!

Get the Pokemon Grid Art Set Here!

Practice writing with Pokemon! Build the fine motor strength with a fun activity - like grid drawing with Pokemon!

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