Harry Potter Transfiguration Class with Coloring Changing Mugs

No Harry Potter class would be complete without transfiguration, right?


Let’s not kid ourselves though. It’s hard for muggles to really learn transfiguration. No matter how many times I try to turn beetles into buttons, I still have just beetles. It’s not like potions where you can make a love potion for everyone! Or arithmancy where math just isn’t magic-based.


We wanted to do a real transfiguration.

And color-changing mugs was the answer.

Have your own Harry Potter Transfiguration Class! Make these magical color changing mugs and see what transfiguration is all about



Check out the magic here —>


How to Make Your Own Coloring Changing Harry Potter Mug


  • Thermochromic Pigment – We used black to clear for most of our projects. But you can use any color combination. Our favorite brand is from Atlanta Chemical Engineering.
  • Varnish – We used gloss but you can try satin or matte. It’ll just look different when you’re finished.
  • Oil-based pens – We got ours at Micheals. But I’ve also seen them at Target.
  • Pencils
  • Stencils on paper – Search for Harry Potter or your house name and print an image from Google.
  • Mugs – There are mugs on Amazon but they’re on the expensive side. We bought ours at Dollar Tree for $1 each. Their mugs are great and inexpensive.


*** This paint will NOT be food safe. Make sure to paint under the lip line and not get paint on the inside of the mug ***



First, find the design you want online and print it out (or draw your own). Bear in mind you will be painting over this so think about what it will look like as just one solid color.

Also, the less complex the design, the easier it will be to draw it on your mug.


Flip your design over and shade the design on the back with your pencil. We’re going to use the pencil to transfer the design onto your mug.


Tape your design to your mug (with the design side out). You can also tape the lip of the mug to ensure no paint gets on it.


Trace over your design with your pencil. The pencil you put on the back will transfer to your mug. The pencil won’t be permanent. If you wipe your hand over the pencil it will come off.

Use the oil based markers to color in your design. Use your imagination!



Mix your paint. I’ve found the best ratio is 1 part pigment to 1.5 parts varnish. I mixed together 1/2 tsp pigment and 3/4 tsp varnish together.

A little pigment and varnish goes a long way!


Cover your design with the paint. On this one, we used the black to clear pigment and just covered the full design. You can cover the design with a different design, cover part of the design, or use a pigment that changes from one color to another. I’ll try to include as many examples as possible towards the bottom!

You’ll probably want to use two coats of paint to completely cover the design.


Let it dry and then test it out! Fill it up with hot chocolate, warm apple cider, or just hot water to test it.


Other ideas for Harry Potter Transfiguration Mugs

Make a Slytherin cup! We colored in the crest in the background and then painted the black to clear over the top



Gryffindor Mug! We used a red to yellow thermochromic pigment to make the crest Grffindor colors.




Have your own Harry Potter Transfiguration Class! Make these magical color changing mugs and see what transfiguration is all about

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Transfiguration Class with Coloring Changing Mugs”

  1. I am putting together a Harry Potter club for our summer activities and would like to use this one for them to do. For the varnish and pigment mixture, how far did that little bit go? Can more than one student use that? We will do this club 4 times and there are a maximum of 26 students per club.

    1. Hi Kelsey!

      The pigment and varnish goes a long way. We bought the 20g packet of pigment and made at least 15 mugs. And we still have some leftover.

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