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Hexbug Math

One day, shortly before Christmas, the hubs, Logi-Bear and I were shopping at Target.  I don’t know know what happened, but when we got home Logi-Bear had a hexbug.  We weren’t into Hexbugs before that.  I kind of knew what they were but we just didn’t have them.

Let’s just say, the boys LOVE the hexbugs.  Especially when the cats are around.  Whenever the boys love something, I do my best to come up with a fun educational game to incorporate.  Fun AND learning is always a win.  And they tolerate me, so it works out.
So I came up with hexbug math.  The funny thing about math games is that the hexbug is not really an integral part of this activity.  In fact, having to manuever the hexbug makes the task take twice as long.  But hey, they were having fun and doing math at the same time.  I will not be complaining!!

We practiced some multiplying by 3s.  I made 2 sets of cards – one with the equations (3×2) and one with the answer (6).  I put the equations in a pile upside down and set out the answers in 2 rows.  The hexbug was placed in the middle.

So we would flip over a card…

And then zoom to the answer!IMG_6218

Royal was working on doubles so I made some cards for him – same idea!


I was amazed that they went through entire piles of cards and wanted to keep going.  They just did not get sick of this activity!

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