How to Draw Bugs with a Fun Writing Activity

Getting kids to write isn’t always the easiest task. So we love to think of new and fun ways to write and enjoy writing.

I wanted to combine drawing and writing so it would be a fun and useful exercise.

I Can Draw Bugs and Insects

I’ve always enjoyed drawing but needed some guidance on how to draw certain things. I grew up loving all of the How to Draw style books. I cannot tell you how many I owned.

These kinds of activities are so useful for a child who might struggle with knowing what to draw or how to draw it.

And I love the idea of using a drawing to inspire writing.

How to Use the Drawing Pages

Each drawing page comes with a 5 part guide on how to draw whatever the topic is – bee, caterpillar, ladybug, or butterfly.

The drawings are simple enough for a young child to complete but detailed enough that anyone of any age could enjoy it.

Simply start at the top left and work left to right.

To complete the drawing page – kids are asked to identify how many shapes are in their drawing and then trace over the name of the drawing.

Buggy Writing Activity

I wanted to use the drawing as inspiration for the writing activity.

There are two parts to the writing activity. The first part is character development. Kids are asked to draw their bug again and then answer a few questions – name, something they like to do, and their favorite food.

The second part is writing a story based on their character.

If you’re working with a young child or one who doesn’t want to write, consider writing their words down for them.

Sometimes writing is more about putting words together than writing words down.

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