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How to Make a LEGO Reindeer

LEGO, learning, and an adorable reindeer. What’s not to love? Add some LEGO fun into your reindeer or Christmas unit this year!

The LEGO Reindeer

This LEGO Reindeer is absolutely adorable and I am so excited to share him with you.

I named ours Dizzy because he’s silly and spins a lot. That’s what you get for making a Reindeer ornament, I guess.

This reindeer is perfect for any school day this winter or holiday season. I know we often need a day with a more relaxed scheduled and I love surprising my kids with LEGO “assignments”.

I love to extend the learning by adding in reindeer books, reindeer activities like making magic reindeer food, and reindeer themed math, biology, etc.

How to Make the LEGO Reindeer

It can be really hard to figure out what pieces are needed by just describing what they look like. So I have linked all of the pieces to Brick Link.

I did this primarily so you could see the pieces. The cool thing about Brick Link is that you can purchase individual pieces. It’s great for specialty pieces, too.

But all of these pieces are pretty common so hopefully you won’t need any specialty pieces.

Materials Needed:

How to Put Together Your LEGO Reindeer

Step 1: We’re going to start by making the body. Get your 2×4 brown brick out. Place the 2×2 brown plate on one end. Place the 1×2 plate next to the 2×2. Then add the black 1×2 with bar handle on the end.

Step 2: Clip the 1×2 plate with a U clip on to the bar handle. This is the tail.

Step 3: Final part of the body. Add the 4 brown telescopes to the bottom of the 2×4 brick. These are the legs.

Step 4: Now for the head. Take the 1×2 bracket. Add a 1×2 brown plate on top. Next add the 1×2 plate with bar handle. Top it off with the 1×2 brown tile.

Step 5: Take another 2×2 brown plate. On one side stack a 1×2 brown plate and the 1×2 brown tile with one stud. The piece with one stud should be on top.

Step 6: Add the piece from step 5 to the front of the piece from step 4.

Step 7: Attach the head to the body. The black 1×2 on the back of the head should fit on the edge of the body.

Step 8: Take the two eye pieces and the round 1×1 (black or red) and add them to the front as eyes and a nose. The nose piece goes on the 1×2 with one stud. The eyes go above that.

Step 9: Add the skeleton arms to the 1×2 plate with a bar handle on the back of the head. These are the antlers.

Voila – you have a reindeer!

If you want your reindeer to be an ornament, tie a string around the bar handle piece of the head and hang in your tree.

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