Human Body Play Dough Pages

Add these Human Body Play Dough Pages to your Human Body Unit! They include counting and anatomy in a fun and hands-on activity.

I think it’s so important for kids to learn about the different parts of their body – especially the internal organs!

There is so much going on inside our bodies at all times. But since we can’t see most of the processes, kids only know what they are told.

These playdough mats are a great way to work on a few counting skills while also learning a bit about the parts of the body.

And check out these body parts coloring pages for more human body learning and fun!

Human Body Play Dough Pages

First of all, I’m going to offer a small apology. Because I went there.

Yes, I included the intestines and the bladder…and added a prompt to add urine and poop to the playdough pages.

If this grosses you out, simply ignore those pages.

But I have a feeling some kids are going to get a real kick out of adding poop to their play dough pages.

Just make sure it’s clear that you’re talking about play dough poop and not the real thing.

The nice thing about these pages is that they’re at least anatomically correct. So they’re great for counting skills but also great for discussing which body parts do what.

For example, the bladder stores urine:

How to Use the Human Body Play Dough Pages

I love using play dough pages for learning because I think they’re so versatile. And these pages are no exception.

To start, make sure you’ve laminated your play dough mats or put them in sheet protectors. Play dough tends to stick to plain paper and it can make the mats more difficult to work with.

When we use a playdough page, I try to give them the list bit of instruction as possible and let their imagination run with it.

So for this page, I might say ‘Put the oxygen on the lungs”. Then I’d show them how to draw a number to see how many their should put on.

For this page we drew a 4 so we put on 4 little blue balls to act as oxygen atoms.

Each playdough mat has it’s own prompt related to the organ in question. The heart mentions red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

There is a mat to cover:

  • Lungs
  • Stomach
  • Spleen
  • Intestines
  • Heart
  • Bladder

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