Human Body Systems Flipbook

Combine human anatomy and a semi-silly flipbook and what do you get? A fun way to study the human body systems. Use this flipbook in your human body study or just as a fun activity on the side.

Human Body Systems Flipbook

I love using new ways to study the same old topics.

I find the human body an interesting study. But it’s one we come to year after year.

And my kids get bored with the same old activities every time.

This flipbook is a new take on reviewing the systems of the body.

It’s a fun way to review what they already know, study something new, and get them excited about the human body again.

How to Set Up the Human Body Systems Flipbook

To set up the human body systems flipbook, start by stapling all of the pages together first.

Then you’ll cut on the dotted lines. Make sure not the cut all the way to the edge and don’t cut the bottom page.

If you cut all the way to the edge you’ll have 4 completely separate sections.

And if you leave the bottom page in tact, it’ll keep the entire flipbook more stable.

I’ve designed the book to have the ‘My Body’ page be on the bottom. Of course, you can set it up however you want.

You might need to cut 2-3 pages at a time instead of trying to cut the entire stack at once. I found that the pages tended to slide and cut wonky when I attempted all of them together.

There should be enough space on the left side to easily fold the pages over. So just make sure not to cut too far in.

That’s it! Now you have a flipbook all ready to use!

How to Use the Human Body Flipbook

There are a multitude of ways to use this flipbook. And honestly, none of them are right or wrong.

If you have younger kids, just let them flip the pages and make their own combinations of body systems. You can help them match up complete systems and discuss what that system does.

For older kids, let them choose which system they’d like to create and then let them flip the pages until they complete the system.

You can also consider a creative writing activity where they make a Franken-system. What would happen if you had a skeleton head, digestive system middle, and nervous system bottom?

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