I Can Draw Christmas Edition

Get your kids drawing and writing this Christmas with these fun and simple how to draw tutorials with matching writing pages!

I Can Draw and Write Christmas

I have been loving these how to draw sets. I especially love combination of the drawing and the writing.

These are so great for inspiring kids to draw and write. And, in my opinion, anything we can do to get kids more into art and writing is worth it.

I know so many kids who don’t like art and don’t like writing. And it makes me sad. They’re both supposed to be fun and creative. But we have a tendency to create so many rules around both that many kids don’t enjoy either.

So I do my best to find ways to make both fun and exciting again, stripping away the parts that make them lackluster and painful.

These How to Draw sets are one way I try to make it easier. These drawings are great foundations and simple to use. But for kids who want to take them further, there is plenty of space to add creative flair!

Included in the Christmas set:

  • Christmas Tree
  • Candy Cane
  • Stocking
  • Poinsettia
  • Bell
  • Santa
  • Sleigh
  • Wreath
  • Ornament
  • Light

Use These Drawing Prompts to Make Holiday Cards

Christmas is a popular time for people to send holiday cards to friends and family.

Perhaps your child would like to share their drawing abilities by using these prompts to draw on cards! They can send their own cards to family and friends – or give them out to people in person!

People also love receiving cards this time of year. I know I do, at least.

Encourage your kids to spread some kindness by sharing their art with people they love!

And for more kindness ideas, check out there Christmas Kindness Activities

How to Use the Draw and Write Christmas Set

I have multiple approaches that I take to the draw and write sets depending on what I’m trying to accomplish.

Usually I find kids want to learn to draw something and then they’re more motivated to write about it. Sometimes I find kids have a favorite stuffed animal or character and they want to write a story about it. Then I can usually find a ‘how to draw’ to match the character and provide the story pages after.

Either way, these are a fun way to get kids drawing and writing.

So first, we start with the practice ‘how to draw page’. This includes the steps in order and a place to practice the drawing.

It also has a section for identifying what shapes are included in the drawing. I included this because learning to see the shapes in objects in a very useful skill when it comes to drawing.

The second page is a bit of character development. I wanted to include this page to get kids thinking about their character and what details they might include in their story.

These pages change slightly depending on the topic. I try to include a few prompts that I feel are useful.

The last two pages are for the story. One page has a space to draw an illustration. The second page is all for writing. Feel free to use multiple sheets for longer stories and multiple illustrations.

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