It’s a Leaf Man!

Since the Virtual Book Club author of the month is Lois Ehlert, we decided to read as many of her books as possible.  Our library has just a few so we checked them all out.

One of the boys (especially Royal’s) favorites was Leaf Man.  I’ve read it over and over again!.  Naturally we had to make our own leaf men!  And that all started with a good nature walk.  We listened for birds, looked for animals, and scoured the road for as many beautiful leaves as we could findIMG_7770

Even Logi-Bear was collecting leaves!

Must find the leaves!

Once we got home the crafting was a bit of a free for all.  The boys kept asking me to make different things while they pulled all the leaves out of the bag and all over the floor.

I decided to make my own leaf man and Royal asked me to help him make a rabbit.  In the end we had a leaf man walking a rabbit!  IMG_7776

They loved it…and asked me to read them the book again.

After that we had to pull out an oldie – one of the first free printables I put up on Royal Ballo!  Leaf shadow matching! (you can download them here)
 IMG_7820 IMG_7821

Celebrating when he got them all matched!

Be sure to check out the amazing fall pack at!  It’s chock full of great fall activities!

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