Learn the Parts of a Seed with Playdough

Seeds are where the magic of nature begins.

It’s amazing that so much can come from such an often tiny little thing. Seeds are really quite extraordinary when you think about it.

They have enough food for the embryo until it can take up food through its roots. The protective barrier lets in some water but prevents parasites from getting in…

I’m quite impressed by them and so today’s focus is all about seeds.

Learn All About the Parts of a Seed with Playdough

I love using playdough and other hands-on materials to learn about science topics.

I think it’s such a great way to bring it to life for younger kids.

Plus, when they can play with their learning, they are much more likely to retain that information!

How to Make Your Playdough Seed

You’ll need three colors of playdough – we used brown, green, and yellow.

These colors aren’t what we actually see in a seed. In reality, seeds are usually much more bland in color.

But I wanted to make sure we could easily spot the different parts.

For our seed, the colors are as follows:

  • The brown is the seed rind
  • The green is the embryo
  • The yellow is the cotyledon – food for the embryo

We’re using a generic bean seed for our model.

Start by making the seed rind. Ours is brown. We made a brown patty and then shaped it to look like a bean seed.

Next, add the cotyledon (embryo food) on top of the seed rind.

Finally, make your embryo. The embryo attaches to the inside curve of the seed.

There are multiple parts to the embryo – bud, pedicel, and radicle. Feel free to shape yours to include all the parts!

And now you have your seed model!

Further the discussion of seeds

Lastly, we discussed the function of each part of the seed.

The embryo is what will grow into roots and a stem – the actual plant!

Everything else supports the embryo. The cotyledon feeds the embryo until the roots and stem can take up energy and water from the ground and sun.

The seed rind protects the seed from bugs, moisture (or loss of moisture), and anything else that might cause it harm.

Label Your Playdough Seed

Use the printables to label your playdough seed! Or just label the printables themselves.

There are 4 printable pages included in this set.

There are two color versions of the ‘parts of a seed’. One of them is more basic and includes the 3 main parts of the seed. The other includes more of the scientific terms.

The other two printable pages are worksheets your kids can label (one of the more basic version, the other the one with scientific terms).

Get the Parts of a Seed Download

Go here to get your own copy of the Parts of a Seed

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